Guided rafting tour

on the Salza and Enns

The rivers Salza and Enns with their crystal-clear water and gorges are a little paradise and are ideal for rafting. Especially during the snowmelt the tours become a wet and sporty rafting experience, in the summer months, on the other hand, it becomes a family fun with the highest natural enjoyment.

After a short welcome and introduction of the raft guides, the equipment will be handed out. Then the transfer to the entry point at the Salza or Enns takes place. After the wetsuits have been put on and the equipment has been put on the training will be carried out by our boaters including equipment control. At the exit, there is a refreshing Rafter drink and then the return transfer to celebrate the successful tour.

“All you can eat”

If you like a little extra we offer  the popular closing grill “All you can eat!” with our raft guides in our garden. On a charcoal grill, there are special delicacies such as beef, lamb, pork chop, chicken, salmon, baked potato and salad buffet.

We equip with

  • helmet
  • wet suit
  • neoprene shoes
  • life jacket
  • paddle

Bring along

  • sportswear
  • swimwear
  • towel


  • swimming skills
  • good physical condition

Already decided?